How to Check if Your Phone Supports Camera2 API?

Hello Friends, I know you are also looking for How to Check if Your Phone Supports Camera2 API? Because I know if there is no proper information then we can’t solve it. So in the Post, we are going to discuss whether your phone supports Camera2 API.

In today’s world, we all love taking pictures with our phones. But did you know not all phones let you use all the cool camera features? One important thing to check is if your phone supports something called Camera2 API. Let’s find out what that is!

If you want to know completely about the topic then Kindly Read the full article properly and smoothly.  We are going to discuss many Topics related to Camera2 API.

What is Camera2 API?

First we must know about what is Camera2 API. So we show to discuss it in depth and clearly to take its benefits properly.

Camera2 API is like a set of tools for your phone’s camera. It makes your camera work better and gives you more control over how you take pictures. It’s a bit like having more options and settings for your camera.

Why is Camera2 API Important?

Let’s discuss about the importance of Camera2 API. If your phone supports Camera2 API, it means you can use all the fancy camera features. This makes your pictures better and lets you use different camera apps from the app store. It’s like having a superpower for your camera!

How to Check if Your Phone Supports Camera2 API

If you guys want to check if your phone supports Camera2 API. Then you must do these tests to verify this. Carefully read every test.

These are the following:

  1. Check Camera2 API via ADB Commands
  2. Perks of camera2 API support
  3. Checking Manually

Check if these test are done and your phone supports camera2 API. If you guys still have any queries then comment us below. We will communicate as soon as possible.

Note: If your phone doesn’t support camera2api function then you have to follow manually enable camera2api process on your phone.

Check Camera2 API via ADB Commands

Verify that you have installed the ADB command prompt on your PC and that you have already enabled developer mode on your smartphone.

  • From the developer mode, enable USB debugging.
  • Use the cord to connect your phone to your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Now, launch the Terminal Window (macOS) or PowerShell (Windows) command prompt. Type the command here.

adb shell “getprop | grep HAL3”

  • If you get the following results

[]: [1]

[]: [1]

It indicates that the Camera2 API is fully supported by your smartphone. You might have to manually enable it if it’s not displaying identically.

Perks of camera2 API support

Here are some benefits you should be aware of before turning on the camera2 API on any Android device if you’re not sure why to check for it.

  1. Enhances the camera’s quality.
  2. Control elements include ISO, RAW capture, focusing, and more.
  3. Let’s make the most of the features on your Android camera.
  4. All phones running Android 9 and later can activate it.

Checking Manually

If quizzes are not your thing, no worries! You can use easy apps from the play store, like Camera2 API Probe or Manual Camera Compatibility Test. They tell you if your phone supports Camera2 API in simple words

What to Do If Your Phone Doesn’t Support Camera2 API

If your phone doesn’t like Camera2 API, it’s okay. You can still take nice pictures. But if you want those super cool camera features, be careful. Some tricks might make your phone do it, but they can be a bit tricky and may cause problems.

You can alternatively use Camera3 API. If it supports your device.

What to Do If Your Phone Support Camera2 API

If your phone Supports Camera2 API, Congratulations. You can now take nice pictures. But if you really want those super cool camera features, let’s take pictures. Some tricks might make your phone do it, but they can be a bit tricky and may cause problems.

Why Using Camera2 API is Cool

It is good if your phone supports Camera2 API. So Camera2 API has very much features.

Having Camera2 API is like having a magic wand for your camera. It makes your pictures sharper, helps your camera focus faster, and lets you change more settings. Imagine having superpowers for your photos – that’s what Camera2 API does!

What’s Coming Next for Camera2 API

Guess what? Camera2 API is getting even better! As our phones get smarter, Camera2 API is learning new tricks too. It’s like having a friend who keeps getting cooler and cooler.

There are many News and Updates are coming for the Camera2 API. So that we can be updated through the API.


How can I check if my phone supports Camera2 API?

You can use a quiz called Compatibility Test Suite or easy apps like Camera2 API Probe.

What if my phone doesn’t like Camera2 API?

It’s okay! You can still take good pictures. But some tricks may make your phone try new things – be careful!

Why is Camera2 API cool?

It’s like magic for your camera! It makes your pictures better and lets you do more with your camera.

Can I use Camera2 API on any phone?

Not all phones like it, but newer ones usually do. As phones get better, they like Camera2 API more.

What’s next for Camera2 API?

It’s always learning new tricks! As our phones get cooler, Camera2 API keeps up.


Checking if your phone likes Camera2 API is like making sure your camera is a superhero. If it is, awesome! If not, no big deal. You can still take great pictures and have fun with your phone.

if your phone is friends with Camera2 API is like discovering if your camera has some special powers. If your phone is in the A+ club, awesome! You get all the cool camera stuff for your pictures. But if it’s not, no big deal. Your phone can still take great photos.

Think of it like this: technology is always getting better, and so is Camera2 API. It’s like a little camera superhero that keeps learning new tricks. So, whether your phone is a photo pro or just a good buddy, capturing memories stays fun and easy.

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