Google Camera | Gcam Apk Download v9.2 [All Phones] 2024

Capturing photos can be a way of therapy for relaxing. Many people are very fond of showing their picture-taking ability, and apps like Google Camera or Gcam Apk can be helpful for them. Many of us think you need a DSLR or a mobile device with a good camera for high-quality photos.

This can be true for some extinct, but it’s the software your device uses to capture the photos. The most popular mobile phone, Google Pixels, which has an extraordinary image-capturing ability, recently said that their software makes your photos this good.

Now if you want to upgrade your capturing ability without spending a crazy amount on your mobile or buying a new camera, we recommend you try the Google Camera or GCam App.

This application is of great benefit to a photographer. In this article, we will share some helpful information about this app. To make it easier for you to install this application on your Android phone.

What is Google Camera or GCam Apk?

The Google Camera or GCam, is a software used in the Google Pixel mobile. The photos clicked by the Pixel phones are always high quality and impress the viewers & it is always because of the software they use.

The developers have decided to introduce the Google Camera application for every smartphone user so they can capture beautiful and more advanced photos without upgrading their mobile phones. This application comes with many benefits and features that provide the user with some fantastic tools he will need.

And not only for photos, but you can also use it for shooting high-quality videos. You will see many daily vloggers using this app on your device to shoot the video for the internet. Every Android user must download this app to get better-quality photos and videos.

Does Google Camera or GCam Works Fine on Android?

Google Camera (Gcam) Apk is made for Android devices. It can run on almost any Android device, regardless of your version. The app will change its settings according to your device’s capability. The developers have ensured that every user can access its features and benefits.

You cannot install it on IOS devices; it is also unavailable on the Apple Store. The Google Pixel is an Android version, so the app GCam App for Android is also only available for similar devices. However, this app works perfectly fine on every Android device and enhances your camera capability.

Feature of Google Camera or GCam Apk

This application is the most popular app in the photographer’s community because of the features it has to offer. You get fewer features in every other mobile, whether Android or IOS.

And most of the time, you must install a separate editing app. But with GCam, you can do without that. We have discussed some of the most impressive features you will get from this app. The key features are mentioned below:


HDR Mode

The HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a mode available in GCam with which you can enhance the quality of your photos and make them more premium. Lightning is significant during the capture of pictures or videos. And when you enable the HDR mode on your phone, you will get much better results.

Many mobile devices need this feature, which is not related to your cameras. It is a software feature that you can get from the GCam for Android Apk and start taking much better photos.


Blur Lens

You must know the blur photo trend if you are off social media. And with the GCam, you can have that effect on your photo. And if you are not interested in the blurriness and want a clear image, this app can do that too.

It changes your camera lens reading capacity and improves the definition of your photo. You remove all the blurriness; the result will be a clear photo. This effect is also useable in the video you shot with this app. This free feature can also be used after you click a photo.


Portrait Mode

The portrait is most of the time available in many Android phones, but they are less effective than the Google Pixel. In fact, the photo clicked with the portrait mode on Google phones tends to be better than on other phones. With the help of GCam, you can also get similar images on your device.

As your mobile will already have an extra camera, this app will make it to use and remove unnecessary blurriness and disarrangements from your photo. Once you install this app and click on the portrait mode, you will never use your phone’s regular camera.


Night Mode

A moment to capture can come at any time. Now if that time is at night, you will not get a good image in your regular camera phone. But with the night mode features in the GCam Apk for Android, you can change that and get an extraordinary idea with your standard camera.

The app will increase the light effect on your photo, improve the brightness within your camera, and click a better picture even at night. People have used it in a fully dark room, and they got a very prominent and clear photo out of a simple camera phone using GCam.

slow motion

Slow Mo & Time Lapse Videos

This app is not only good for clicking photos, but it has also been very good at shooting videos. Some mobile and even camera apps focus only on the images, but the developer knew the need for good video quality. So they have to give various features in the GCam to shoot a high-quality video.

As we mentioned, you will see many daily vloggers using this app on youtube and other social media platforms. You can use the slow-mo, and video lapse features in the video mode to shoot exciting and trendy videos from your camera.


Create GIFs

You can quickly make GIFs from your images and videos with the Google Camera app. The feature will create a GIF for you to send to your friends. You can make GIFs live from your camera or take a part of your video or picture in the gallery.

After you’re happy, you can save your design to your device and share it on your social media accounts.

To create a GIF, launch the Google Camera app and choose the videos you want to use as a GIF. Next, select the “Make GIF” option from the list of more settings. The GIF’s duration can be changed, and you can also add text or stickers to your GIF.


Live Effects and Filters

A great feature of GCam is its collection of effects and filters. You can use it on the photo and video you have clicked or during the live shoot. The intelligent AI of this application will put the effect and filter right on where it is needed. This saves a lot of your time in the post-editing.

All new and trendy filters will be added to its collection with new updates. This means you can be first on the trends. And being up to date with these filters and effects is essential for a social media influencer.

google lens

Google Lens

In the camera, you will get the Google lens already installed. The Google lens has been proven to be one of the most effective and valuable tools for Android devices. You can search for anything right from your camera. Just click a photo, and you will receive all the information online.

With-in the GCam Apk for Android, you get this lens already installed. And not just for the search option, you can also get the translation of any text you scan with your camera. Search for the name of any object you don’t know by just clicking a photo, and that’s it. This is an excellent tool for your research.

extra zoom

Extra Zoom

The feature of this application is going to continue. The app keeps introducing new and more valuable features and tools to the interface. Like recently, the GCam has added a high zooming capacity. Now you can zoom into any picture up to 10 times. And this feature can also be used in the live camera.

With this extra zoom, you can shoot images of the object far from you. And the image quality is surprisingly good, even in the 10x embodiments. And also, there is a zoom-out feature that you can use to increase the photo’s frame. This can help you take wide-angle selfies with more friends.

Google Camera for Android
Google Camera for Android
Google Camera for Android

Google Camera (GCam) Apk Latest Version

NameGoogle Camera (GCam) Apk
Size20 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Play StoreGoogle Camera

How to Check Camera2 API Availability

Before we dive into how to download GCam APK, it’s important to note that your device must support Camera2 API to use the app. Camera2 API is an interface that allows advanced camera features to be used on Android devices. Without it, GCam APK will not work properly.

Here’s how to check if your device supports Camera2 API:

  1. Download and install the Manual Camera Compatibility app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and grant it the necessary permissions.
  3. Once the app is open, you’ll see 5 options (Manual Focus, Manual White Balance, Manual ISO, Manual Shutter Speed, Raw Support) on the screen. If the 5 options are green tick then you can install Google Camera properly.
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Steps to Use XML file in Google Camera

Loading an XML file in Google Camera can help you apply pre-configured settings for the app. Here’s how to load an XML file in GCam APK:

  • Download the XML file you want to use. You can find XML files for GCam APK online, or you can create your own by modifying the app settings and saving them as an XML file.
  • Copy the XML file to your device’s internal storage or SD card.
  • Open the GCam APK app on your device.
  • Tap on the Empty space around the capture button to access the settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu and tap on the “Advanced” option.
  • In the Advanced settings menu, scroll down to the “Restore” section and tap on “XML Config.”
  • GCam APK will display a file manager that will allow you to navigate to the location where you saved the XML file. Select the XML file and tap on “Restore.”
  • GCam APK will apply the settings from the XML file, and you should now see the changes in the app’s interface and camera output.

Note that not all XML files may be compatible with your device or the version of GCam APK you are using. Also, make sure to only download XML files from trusted sources to avoid any security or compatibility issues.

Tips for Google Camera (GCam) Apk

As the download of this app is easy, the use is also straightforward. Any user with minimal information about software and clicking photos can use this app without any problem. Some tips you can use to click better images using this software are mentioned below:

  • Use the night shift mode to capture images in dim light.
  • Enable the portrait mode and instantly get better quality in your photos.
  • You can use filters on your photos, so there will be no need for editing and retouching later.
  • With the HDR mode, you can improve the light and colour in your photo, making it more realistic.
  • Change the front and back camera and image to video mode with a single click.
  • Shoot your videos using the GCam Apk and get high-quality content.

Advantages & Disadvantages of GCam

Every software and app has its benefits and disadvantages. We will share both of these with you so you can download the right app and know all the background information on this app. However, the disadvantage might be happening because of the mobile device you are using on.


The advantages and benefits you will be getting using this ap are mentioned below:

  • Better image and video quality.
  • A more enhanced and improved HDR mode to make the colour of your image burst.
  • Record time-lapse and slow-motion videos with GCam.
  • You can change any particular photo setting after you have clicked it.
  • Take good photos in low light with the night mode on.
  • Use live filters and effects on your images and video while shooting them.
  • There are controls available on the display of the camera app, so it is easier for you to change the settings.
  • There are shortcuts for clicking photos and shooting videos quickly.


Some disadvantages and cons you might experience while using this app are also mentioned here. They depend on the device you are using.

  • If you have an Android version below 5, the GCam might work slowly.
  • The camera works way better in Google phones than in other Android versions.
  • You might have to purchase the premium version for a better experience and more features.
  • The app is not available for IOS devices.
  • The full version of the GCam is only for Google Pixel phones.
  • Your photo might get blurry on old Android mobiles.


Is it safe to use Gcam apk for Android?

Yes, using Google Camera (GCam) on your Android device is safe as long as you download it from a reputable source. However, it is essential to note that not all versions of GCam are stable and may cause issues with your device’s camera.

Is Gcam apk better than the stock camera?

Google Camera (GCam) is often considered better than the stock camera app that comes with most Android devices. This is because GCam offers advanced features such as HDR+, Night Sight, and Portrait Mode, which are not available on the stock camera app. These features can enhance the quality of photos taken on your device, providing a better overall camera experience.


We know that clicking photos is very important for some people and is their hobby. But not everyone can afford a DSLR or a good camera phone. To make your mobile phone compatible enough. This application can be one for you.

With a high star rating on Google PlayStore, the Google Camera or GCam Apk is an excellent choice. This app will give you some of the most advanced features you can find anywhere else. And the best thing is that all of that is entirely free.

We highly recommend you use GCam on your device and improve the images you are taking without spending a single penny.

Google Camera | Gcam Apk Download v9.2 [All Phones] 2024

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