Google Camera For Samsung Galaxy A34 [Gcam Port] v9.2

Google Camera For Samsung Galaxy A34: Every new smartphone takes good photos in its early days. When it is a little bit older you can’t take a good picture. Sometimes it captures one good picture after multiple clicks. If it happens in your Samsung Galaxy A34 smartphone don’t worry Google Camera or Gcam is here to rescue you. All you need is to install the gcam port app on your Samsung Galaxy A34 smartphone. Now you will capture good images like DSLR from your phone. The best part is Google Camera is free for all.

Before Installing the Gcam apk, you have to check camera2api on your Samsung Galaxy A34 phone. If it is enabled on your phone then you can use Google Camera. Let’s jump to the features and installation process with our step-by-step guide.

Features of Google Camera or Gcam

Astrophotography: In these features, Google Camera takes multiple long exposures and combines them into a single image. That’s why you will see much brighter & more detailed photos of the night sky, stars & other celestial bodies. To Get more outstanding astrophotography images google shares some tips & tricks which you can find here.

Night Sight Photo: Night sight feature is a game changer in low light photography. It takes sharp & clean photos in very low light even in dim light.

Slow Motion Video: Google Camera can record slow-motion videos in a high frame rate so that your video will be smooth & clear, even if you slow down your videos.

Custom Exposure: You can manually adjust exposure according to your need & get your desired high-quality photo.

Color Enhanced: With this feature, Google Camera enhances your photo’s colour so that your outcome will be realistic & detailed. In gcam port, this colour enhancement has been improved more.

Lens: With Google Lens, you can point your camera & its machine learning features offer you such as translation, search, object identifying, homework, finding products and many more things.

Photo Sphere: These features let you capture 360-degree photos from all angles and stiches multiple individual photos using complex algorithms to create a single spherical image.

Super Res Zoom: This mode uses computational processing & machine learning techniques to enhance your photo sharp & detail when you zoom in.

HDR+: HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) technology uses advanced computational techniques to capture stunning photos with richer colour, deeper shadow, and brighter highlights.

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Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy A34

NameGoogle Camera (GCam) Apk
Size20 MB
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Play StoreGoogle Camera

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How to Install Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy A34

To use Google Camera’s top features now you need to install the gcam port app on your Samsung Galaxy A34 phone. First, you have to check whether your device’s camera2api supports it or not. To check this option you have to install the Manual Camera Compatibility app from the Play Store. After Installation follow the steps below,

  • Check Camera2api on Samsung Galaxy A34: Now you have to check Manual Focus, Manual White Balance, Manual ISO, Manual Shutter Speed and Raw Support all these options are green ticks. If one of these options is red tick then you can’t install Google Camera.
camera2api test
  • Download Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy A34: Click on the download button and then select which version of gcam you want to use. Now download the apk file and remember the file location
gcam download guide
  • Installing Google Camera: Now open the downloaded file location, click on the app and click install. It takes a few times to Install the gcam app and now you can use it.


Is it Safe to Use Gcam on Samsung Galaxy A34?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use gcam apk but you have to download it from a reputed website.

Why my Gcam apk is crashing after Installing?

Crashing Gcam can happen for many reasons but i would recommend you to reinstall the apk or go to the download page and download the latest version.


In this article, i guide you on how you can use Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy A34 smartphones. Now you can upgrade your stock camera and take good photos from it. If you are facing any issues regarding downloading or installing please feel free to contact us. I will always be ready to help you.

David is an avid photographer and technology enthusiast with a passion for exploring the world of computational photography. As the author of Gcamport, he shares his expertise on smartphone camera technology and provides tips and tricks to help readers capture stunning images with the Google Camera app.

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